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    Vending Application and Fee July 2018


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 All vending tables are 6' long, 3' wide and come with a table cloth, chair and trash can. 

1 vending table-$175.00

2 vending tables-$275.00

3 vending tables-$350.00

Vending is from
4:00 PM- 10:00 PM Friday ( 4 in mirror room, 5:30 in the Edinburgh Hall)
10:00 AM- 10:00PM Saturday  ( 10 in the mirror room , 1:30 in the Edinburgh Hall)
10:00 AM- 5:00 PM on Sunday.(10 in the mirror room, 12:30 in the Edinburgh Hall)
Set up starts  Friday Morning starting at 8:00AM. Please try to have all vending set up by 4:00PM on Friday.
All vending tables are 6' long and 3' wide and come with a table cloth, chair and trash can the depth of the vending area is 10' x 8'.
Please pay for the vending table the same day you send in the application. All fields need to be filled out on application before sending in.
Additional table are available for a extra fee. Contact typhrodisia at  for more information 
 All Vendors, please use the N. Charles Street entrance when unloading your product
The Grand
225 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

     MD Bellydance Convention Vendors

Henna- Erin Hilker

IT WORKS - Marlene Edwards

Jamberry Nails- Amy Halter

Lularoe- Christina and Zach Doyle  

Origami Owl- Billy Garver

Paparazzi- Janet Bethke-

Perfectly Posh- Rebecca Humpal-

Prissyness LLC- Shannon Anderson-

Real Time Pain Relief- Mario Williams, Pamela Person

Royal Heritage- Marcella Sandiford-
Scheherezade Imports- Sherzade

Scentsy- Nany Newsome

Silk Veils - Rya Amal

Typhrodisia's Bellydance Costumes and Accessories

Vivi Jewelry-Ruth Trilli

Younique- Wanita Palmer 


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