Maryland Bellydance Convention -The official website - 3 Days of Performances, Vending, Fashion Show, and Workshops

Whole weekend workshops package-Whole workshop weekend package   ALL Intensive workshops  and non- intensive workshops  PLUS  1 performance spot. Please indicate what workshops you will be taking on Saturday.  Payment plans are available $520.00
Troupe Package-( 4 or more dancers )- Troupe package includes  any 5 NON-intensive workshops PLUS 1 troupe performance spot,

 Intensive Package- Intensive package includes both Frank Farinaro intensive workshops PLUS 1 performing spot.
  4 hours total -

Friday workshops
8-9:30 Oriental room
  Samira Shuruk- Meleya Leff                                                                        $45.00

10-12 Oriental room
 Frank Farinaro- Urban Zaar- INTENSIVE WORKSHOP                           $80.00

12:30-2:30 Oriental room
 Frank Farinaro- Explosive Content- INTENSIVE WORKSHOP               $80.00

3-4:30 Oriental room
   Samira Shuruk- Photo Shoot Fabulous                                                        $55.00

Saturday workshops

9-10:30 Oriental room
  Typhrodisia- Tahitian Choreography                                                          $45.00

11-12:30 - Artemis- Oriental room, Jeremey- Edinburgh Hall 5th floor
Artemis Mourat-  Floor work technique and history                                   $45.00
Jeremey Zacherel- Ensemble Drumming and Percussion                            $45.00

Artemis - Floor work technique and history

Jeremey - Ensemble drumming and percussion-

1- 2:30-Artemis - Oriental room, Na'la- Edinbburgh Hall 5th floor
Artemis Mourat- Fiery Turkish Oriental Choreography                              $45.00
 Na'la- Shining Bright on Stage                                                                    $45.00

-Artemis Fiery Turkish Oriental Choreography

-Na'la Shining Bright on Stage

4-5:30  Oriental room
Helena Zahra- Experience Moroccan berber folkloric dance- choreography $45.00

Sunday workshops

8:30-10 -Oriental room
Typhrodisia- The Amazingly Layered Drum Solo                                        $45.00

10:30-12 - Oriental room
Serena Spears- Salsa, Bellydance Fusion                                                      $45.00

"Floor work technique and history-This elegant art form dates back to ancient times in Egypt.  It has been banned since 1952, but it continues to thrive in Turkey and is being resurrected in the US today. The dancers elegantly descend to the floor and showcase their beautiful arm and hand movements. While dancing on the floor, we will incorporate dramatic acrobatic elements (but there are easy and yet exciting knee lover’s versions so that you can still include floor work into your show at any age or fitness level).

"Fiery Turkish Oriental Choreography "  This workshop is a fiery Turkish Oriental dance to a fast 9/8 time signature.The exciting song will have your feet flying, your blood boiling and set your shimmies on fire. This is an advanced choreography so be prepared to work hard! 
Frank Farinaro-
"Urban Zaar" Zaar is a for of trance dance that was primarily danced by the Arabic cultures of North Africa. This form of dance was used to clear the mind and free one of negative energies and evil spirits. It is characterized by spinal articulations, intricate hand movements, and tossing of the head and hair, while set to trance-inducing rhythms. In this workshop , we lean how to use these ancient techniques and principles to lift the spirit, and incorporate movements from a newer generation, to a trance set by modern music.

"Explosive Content" - in this workshop, we will learn how to do large, explosive movements, full-body hits,dramatic spins, and other heart-pounding, jaw-dropping movements that will leave any person in your blast radius speechless. We will go through specific elements of musicality to make your body look like a canvas that the bass-heavy music has painted on... WITH NAPALM!!WARNING: These techniques may cause spontaneous human combustion.

Helena Zahra- "Experience Moroccan berber folkloric dance- choreography" - Learn a Moroccan 6/8 rhythm. This is a beautiful folkloric style and it will involve a LOT of footwork, some basic movements, a little hair work, costuming advice and zills/sagat as well. 

Jeremy Zacherl -
"Exploring Exotic Rhythms - Ensemble Drumming & Percussion "Jeremy Zacherl & other members of DragonSong will facilitate an exciting and interactive class focusing on world rhythms. Beginning with a brief discussion on drum circle etiquette, cueing techniques, and energy recycling, we will band together on a musical journey by exploring our love for exotic beats in a polyrythmic setting. Challenging, yet with a focus on fun & musical understandings to build upon. Djembes, doumbeks, frame drums, riqs, zills, and other percussion are welcome. Bring a drum if you have one. Some drums and percussion will also be provided. All skill levels welcome.

 Na'la-"Shining Bright on Stage" Stage Presence and Projection for All Types of Performers. we've all heard our teacher say “Project to the back of  the theater!” But what does that mean? How do we do it and how can we practice it? How can we connect with the audience if we can't even see them? Whether you are in a group performance piece, a duet or a solo, whether you are presenting a theatrical belly dance piece, a tribal piece or a Raq Sharqi piece, having stage presence will help you shine bright on whatever stage you are on! In this workshop for all types of performers, from beginner to intermediate, we will dive deep into creative waters and enter a world of connection, expression and creativity, all the things necessary to achieve what we want to bring to the stage...flow, confidence, playfulness, feeling connected to our bodies, the music, each other and the audience. Be prepared to challenge your mind, emotions, and ego. Bring your troupe mates and classmates for an extra special bonding and learning experience!

 Samira Shuruk
"Meleya Leff"
The flirty Meleya Leff dance is a stylized Egyptian folklore dance, based on characters from Cairo and Alexandria. Find your inner coquette with this adorable choreography. It would help if you have a Meleya to use, or a heavy veil, but it is not necessary. Choreography and history notes will be provided.
 "Photo Shoot Fabulous"  
Lights! Camera! Gorgeous!Go beyond the makeup workshop and learn posing techniques to put your best face and body forward. 
We will start with a basic makeup workshop for a belly dance photo shoot, then as Samira’s assistant, Elena Ware Bailey continues to help you prepare, Samira will guide individuals (and duets and groups), in mini sessions with the amazing Carlo plus Elise of StereoVision! 
Bring your own makeup and brushes, and a mirror that can prop up. Arrive in foundation, please. Included in your workshop fee are two lightly edited photos from your mini-shot with StereoVision. Please also book PromShoots with Stereovision to continue to get more amazing images! 
Serena Spears
"Salsa, Bellydance Fusion" Discover your love for Latin fusion and learn to combine elements of salsa into your bellydance! You will learn salsa technique basics, drill movement patterns to get comfortable with footwork, body motion, arms and turns, then we'll dive off the deep end and discover opportunities for intelligent fusion with your current bellydance toolbox. Work with fierce footwork, bold and sassy body movement, and explosive energy to irresistible beats. Please bring water and a notebook. Be ready to sweat!

"Tahitian Choreography" Come join in on the island summer fun. In this workshop you will learn basic Tahitian moves  and put them together to make a full Tahitian choreography to the island drums. Get ready to move those hips.
"The Amazingly Layered Drum Solo Choreography" - This Drum solo choreography consists of Layers and Layers of shimmies,  locks,  squeezes  and attitude.   Add all that with different timing to make one Amazingly Layered Drum Solo!

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