Maryland Bellydance Convention -The official website - 3 Days of Performances, Vending, Fashion Show, and Workshops

Whole weekend workshops package-Whole workshop weekend package   ALL Intensive workshops  and non- intensive workshops  PLUS  1 performance spot. Please indicate what workshops you will be taking on Saturday.  Payment plans are available $520.00
Troupe Package-( 4 or more dancers )- Troupe package includes  any 5 NON-intensive workshops PLUS 1 troupe performance spot,

 Intensive Package- Intensive package includes both                  intensive workshops PLUS 1 performing spot.
  4 hours total -

Friday workshops
8-9:30 Oriental room

10-12 Oriental room


12:30-2:30 Oriental room

3-4:30 Oriental room

Saturday workshops

9-10:30 Oriental room

11-12:30 -                 Oriental room,                  Edinburgh Hall 5th floor

1- 2:30-              Oriental room,              Edinbburgh Hall 5th floor


4-5:30  Oriental room

Sunday workshops

8:30-10 -Oriental room

10:30-12 - Oriental room


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